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Your logic on the turn is: "crap, everyone limp/called pre so V1 or V2 could easily have AJ. I have to fold due to reverse implied odds." You have no business playing an offsuit trash hand if you're refusing to call off your stack when you hit the second nuts. In poker, how do you know when you've 'got the nuts'? - Quora “The nuts” in Texas HoldEm poker means the best possible hand anyone could have, given publicly visible cards. It usually refers to hands compared at showdown, after all five public cards have been dealt. Fold the second nuts? — Red Chip Poker Forum As a footnote to this hand, this illustrates one disadvantage of playing the large suited connectors. Yes, you have the 2nd nuts, but the most your opponent can have is the 4th nuts. Not much of an issue here, but if there had been a flush draw on the flop and a raise on the river, it would have been. Poker Terms | How To Play | Official World Series of Poker How to Play | Terms Speak poker as well as you play it: Now that you've decided to master the game of poker, in addition to a keen eye and bucket of confidence, you need to be able to talk the talk. Our comprehensive list of poker terminology will help you get your lingo on!

Jonathan Little analyzes a hand from a $5,000 World Series of Poker event in which he turns the nuts and must decide whether to call or raise.

When you have the best poker hand possible in any given situation it's called "the nuts". Nut hand - Wikipedia

When you have the best poker hand possible in any given situation it's called "the nuts".

Flop the Nuts Definition Poker - Poker King Flop the Nuts Definition - what does the term flop the nuts mean in poker? What is the ... In poker, "flopping the nuts" refers to when a player flops the absolute best hand. Definition ... You look down at 5d-7d and decide to make the call. The SB ... When you flop the nuts but the Poker Gods are laughing! - YouTube

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Razz (Seven Card Stud, played for low only) is a poker game in which the best Ace to Five low poker hand wins the pot at showdown. In Razz, players are dealt seven cards throughout the course of the hand, but only the best five-card low hand possible for each player is used to determine the winner ... Why Is The Best Poker Hand Called The Nuts - Losing to a ...

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Poker Terms & Definitions - Poker Glossary of Terms - PokerStars A small portion of a bet contributed by each player to seed the pot at the beginning of a poker hand. Most Hold'em games do not have an ante; they use "blinds" ... Poker Glossary Brass Brazilians: The top hand, also known as 'the nuts.' Broadway: An Ace ... Chip: Poker chips are small round discs used instead of money at the poker table. What is the lowest absolute nuts poker hand one can flop in holdem ...